We hope to inspire young Ethiopian Canadians to embrace their cultural heritage and engage with their community locally and take part in charitable projects to support their community internationally.


Hibret Amharic & Cultural School seeks to create a space for Ethiopian children to learn Amharic, the national language of Ethiopia as well as explore their cultural heritage through music, food and dance. 

The school strives to bridge the gap between the children’s Ehiopian identity and their Canadian upbringing by strengthening their ties to their community locally and internationally. Through our fundraising efforts the children have had an opportunity to support and connect in a meaningful way with a local school in Debre Zeyit, Ethiopia.

Our Goals :

Cultural awareness:  Our vision is based on creating cultural awareness and building self-confidence in our students.
Support: We hope to develop a basic understanding of the Ethiopian culture and help Ethiopian youth bridge the gap between their Ethiopian Identity and their Canadian up-bringing.
Empower:  We want to empower young Ethiopian-Canadians  by teaching them their ethnic backgrounds and help with the challenges they face as Black Canadians.
Giving back: We want to cultivate and engage in giving back to the less fortunate.      

Have Fun:  We are committed to make sure have a good time while learning. We incorporate music, cultural dancing, and cooking classes.