Our Mission:

  • To advance education and enhance children’s knowledge and appreciation of the art, history, and language of the Ethiopian culture by teaching them the official language of Ethiopia, Amharic language, as well as Ethiopian cooking, traditional music and traditional dances.
  • To break the cycle of poverty by giving disadvantaged children in Debre-Zeit Ethiopia, the access to quality education and be able to strive for a brighter future. We do this through the construction of school facilities such as library, and working with the community to overcome obstacles, and enabling children to stay in school.

Our Vision:

  • Enhance the cultural knowledge, and build a cross-cultural awareness of Canadian children. Simultaneously, to enrich the multicultural, multi-ethnic fabric of Canada.
  • provide a quality basic education that gives children and youth in Debre-Zeit, Ethiopia, the knowledge and skills they need to face daily life challenges , and take advantage of economic and lifelong learning opportunities.

Our Goals :

Cultural awareness:  Our vision is based on creating cultural awareness and building self-confidence in our students.
Support: We hope to develop a basic understanding of the Ethiopian culture and help particularly Ethiopian youth bridge the gap between their Ethiopian Identity and their Canadian up-bringing.
Empower:  We want to empower Canadian children  by teaching them the official language and rich culture of Ethiopia, known to be a cradle of civilization and the only African nation with its own alphabet.
Helping : Our work is driven by the knowledge that all children have equal potential regardless of the circumstances they are born into. We want our children to develop a strong thought of the spirit of giving to the less fortunate .      

Have Fun:  We are committed to make sure have a good time w