Ethiopian Food Tasting Event to Take Place on October 13, 2018

Hibret Amharic School is proud to be associated with the Vancouver’s Sustenance Festival.

Sustenance Festival is a city-wide festival that celebrates arts, food, and culture in Vancouver. Alongside community groups, artists, and local organizations, Sustenance Festival pushes the boundaries of food innovation.

Sustenance Festival has served Vancouver as a platform for community groups, artists, and social service organizations to celebrate and push the boundaries of food innovation in Vancouver, BC. It maintains a deep commitment to reflecting on, and responding to, global trends and current issues impacting the everyday intersections of Vancouver’s food systems with its people.

Sustenance Festival is committed to working together towards greater awareness, and realizing a vision of justice in Vancouver’s food landscape. It is a future vision that foregrounds and uplifts the cross-pollination of cultures, food, and art. It affects our communities in deeply personal and political ways — ultimately feeding providing sustenance for a healthy community in the present and for the future.

This year’s Festival will act as an umbrella for “food conversations” independently organized by many partner organizations from September 22-November 22, 2018.

Hibret Amharic School is very much excited to be presenting an Ethiopian Food Tasting Event at Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre in Vancouver, BC.

Click on the Calendar link below to view and save the date:


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