Dear Hibret Amharic And Cultural School Society (  HAACSS ) fellow students, parents and supporters

As many of you know, Vancouver based HAACSS have been working on the project of  building a library in Hibret primary school ,located in Debre –Zeit , Ethiopia, , since 2019. On behalf of the board of directors and volunteers who make up the body HAACSS, I am happy and proud to announce that, we have now completed  our project and the Library has started to give its service to the thousands of Hibret school students as well as the broader community surrounding the school since September 2022.

Our efforts bore fruit with the successful completion of this project. However, there are many others who share the reward of this effort simply because it would never have been this good without their help.  The construction of the school’s new library would never have happened, without those relentlessly  working volunteers who prepare continuous fundraising events, and the substantial support from Impact Initiative, Rotary club of Vancouver and the generosity of Vancouverites.

Thank you so much for being part of HAACSS and for continuously supporting such a noble cause. The smiles we are able to bring  on the thousands of those children and young adults faces are only made possible through  generosity from people like. 

Better facilities, such as new classrooms or new library, encourage better school attendance, and it is also good for the broader community surrounding Hibret Primary School.  The children studying at Hibret school today are the community leaders of tomorrow.  And if a community is to improve its economic and social well-being, it  needs people with right education. We believe that the construction of the new library will play an integral roll in the teaching – learning process and alleviate some of the school’s  facility burdens.

Thank you;

 Mekdes Gete

 Executive Director

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